5 Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology has never been more popular. The worldwide market for smart devices is expected to see almost 1.4 billion devices shipped in 2023, according to the IDC’s ‘Worldwide Quarterly Smart Home Device Tracker. And that prediction was made before the COVID-19 lockdown, which meant we were all spending more time at home. Since then, the desire for household gadgets that make life easier has accelerated – shipments of smart home voice-control devices are forecast to increase by 30% in 2020 compared to 2019, according to ABI research. So there’s no denying that smart home technology is the future. Let’s uncover some of the benefits of introducing smart devices in your home.

They’re hands-free
In an age where we’re advised to have less contact with others, devices such as TV remotes and light switches in homes with multiple occupants increase the number of touch points. Smart devices provide a solution by offering hands-free alternatives – technology that can be controlled using an app on your phone.

They’re cost-saving
Being able to turn off your lights, heating and appliances with a tap of a finger ensures you won’t waste electricity. Smart thermostats and smart lighting are more energy efficient as you can programme them to turn on and off when they’re needed which will help reduce your monthly utility bills.

They’re convenient
With more people working from home than ever before, convenience has become so important. Smart home technology is designed for convenience as it allows you to control heating, lighting, CCTV, video intercoms, music, home cinema installations, and more through a single interface – usually via an app on your phone.

They’re so useful!
If you’ve been out for the day and the temperature’s dropped and the thought of walking into a cold home isn’t appealing, a smart thermostat lets you control the heating from your phone on the journey home. And the days of fumbling in the dark for a light switch are no more, as you can simply use an app to turn on your lights.

They’re secure
Smart home security can keep you safe, promote peace of mind, and help lower home insurance costs. That’s because of the variety of options there are to safeguard your home including CCTV cameras, automated door locks, and motion detectors that can be controlled – and viewed – anytime, anywhere from the palm of your hand.

No matter what your smart home needs may be, we can craft a personalised solution for you. From smart blinds and lighting control and heating and air conditioning smart control to music and entertainment and door entry and security, find out more about our smart home installation services here.

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