Access Control System Upgrade: City of London

Multi-tenant office within the City of London

Location: 150 Cheapside

Site size: 182,740sq foot over 8 floors

Users: 1000+

Client needs: Replace out of date access control system including hardware and software, User friendly software interface, Scalability, etc.

Type of Site

Multi-tenant office within the City of London


150 Cheapside

Site Size

182,740sq foot over 8 floors



Client Needs

  • Replace out of date access control system including hardware and software
  • User friendly software interface
  • Scalability
  • Stand alone network for Access control system
  • No downtime while the system is upgraded


Sateon Advance is a ‘blade based’ access control solution. Both hardware and software have evolved to deliver a single, slick, scalable system for installers, integrators and their end users. It’s as intuitive access control solution.

With Sateon advance you can monitor the health of systems remotely, thanks to live telemetry that could alert you and your customers to potential threats like an intruder tampering with the minimum current.

Easy to use software with access control cards that can be used on the landlord’s system as well as the client’s own system within the building

New stand-alone server and network for the upgraded access control system
Running in new data backbone through multiple floors to accommodate for the new access system and for future proofing.

The Client

While our client would prefer us not to mention them by name for security reasons however, we can say that they are a well-recognized global wealth management and investment banking company.

With the nature of the client’s business security is paramount and access control is at the heart of their security. An up to date and easy to monitor access control system is always where you start to make sure your premises and contents are secure.

The building itself is located on the north side of Cheapside. The unit is in a prime position approximately 20 metres from St Paul’s underground station.

System Requirements

The existing system that was installed was obsolete and needed to be upgraded. The manufacturers of the old access control system had produced a new, up-date and user-friendly access control system called Sateon Advance. The client was also using two floors at the time but had acquired another floor within 150 Cheapside so needed to expand the current system. Not only did they need to expand but they also needed it to be centralised so that all 3 floors were controlled from one PC and had the capability to run the site from one stand-alone server. With the client growing there also needed to be the facility to expand the system further over time and Sateon Advance was the right product for this project.


Grosvenor Technology, developers of industry leading Access Control solutions, have crammed over two decades of know-how into their latest hardware and software launch. Sateon Advance is a next generation range of hardware that utilises Grosvenor's proven Sateon software platform to provide a seamless Access Control solution. Advance features a next-generation range of hardware that utilises Grosvenor's proven Sateon software platform to provide a seamless Access Control solution. Door ‘blades' ‘Blade' door controllers snap into single or multi-blade controller chassis for rapid and flexible deployment with where up to 8 doors being can be wired back to just one a single chassis. Sateon Advance represents a gear change not just for Grosvenor Technology, but for the Access Control sector generally. If the hardware is a revolution, the software is more evolutionary. Sateon 3.0 is the latest version of Grosvenor's home-grown software and now comes with the Quick Start tool, designed configure a door in just 90 seconds. It's their most intuitive, smoothest and quickest experience yet. The result is a solution that provides utter simplicity and yet true scalability. Advance is perfect for 1 and 2 door simple sites, yet capable enough for global enterprise estates.

The Team

A D Security Systems project managed the design, supply and installation of the access control and security system for 150 Cheapside and carried out all liaison with the client and construction company. A D Security Systems provides innovative security solutions to a wide range of clients including those in commercial and industrial sectors, as well as local authorities, schools and colleges.
The firm is committed to engineering excellence, and has many skills and safety accreditations including being SSAIB approved, which means all staff are vetted and all systems comply with the latest industry standards and are regularly inspected.

Tailored to your needs

Users have been provided with MIFARE DESFire EV2 flat key fobs to show at door readers and the COMINFO easy gates at reception for hassle-free access up to 24 hours a day, depending on users’ credentials. Flexible user permissions can accommodate a range of access information, ensuring users can only access the areas they are specifically approved for.

Future Proof

Sateon advance has the capability of being expanded and integrated with other security and audio-visual equipment. In this scenario it wasn’t necessary to integrate with other systems but some of which include CCTV, Intruder alarm, intercom and speaker systems. Not only can the system be integrated with all these other features to give you a comprehensive all round security system but the scalability is nearly limitless.