Our Favourite Smart Home Devices & Ideas This Year

We are living in a day and age now where technology is taking over, and our homes are the latest areas of our lives to be infiltrated with smart technology. There seems to be a gadget to do with all aspects of the home, from security to cleaning. So what are the most common areas and technology that you can consider adding to your home? Here are some of the latest smart technology changes.

Home cinema and sound

Who needs the cinema when you can now create a home cinema with immense sound quality in your own living room? The introduction of Bluetooth and wireless technology that is synced with your TV means surround sound and epic image quality from the TV is now available to have in your home. You can even set them to work with different types of viewing, such as films or documentary series, for example.

Ring doorbells

Now you don’t always have to be home, with the introduction of smart doorbells and one of the most common on the market today is the Ring doorbell. Compatible with home assistants such as Amazon Alexa you can find that this is a great way to ensure that you never miss a parcel, and to understand general activity at the front of your home. The ring doorbell captures live footage and enables you to talk to anyone who has rang the bell. Perfect for asking to deliver that parcel to a neighbour if you are not in at the time.

Smart bulbs

Mood lighting in your home is now easier than ever thanks to the introduction of smart bulbs. Often these are linked with home assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, and enables you to switch on lamps, set certain lighting and colours and even light up your home before you even arrive there.


Security is a huge factor when it comes to your home these days, and smart technology makes it much easier to keep tabs on it when you are away. You can install cameras to the exterior and interior of your home, and view them via applications downloaded to your phone. Some of these can also be linked to popular home assistants and also doorbells like the ring doorbell.


Do you want a vacuum that works itself? Now you can. There are many robot vacuums on the market these days that will work around the rooms of your home at varying times cleaning up for you. There is often an application on your phone that enables you to control it.

Home assistants 

Finally, when it comes to smart homes often these are controlled by some of the popular home assistants that we see cropping up in homes all over the country. Amazon Alexa and Google home will enable you to ask them to operate certain aspects of your home. So if you have smart bulbs installed, security, or even cleaning robots, these assistants will be able to operate them for you from your spoken request.

Smart homes are becoming more the norm these days, so the question is, what do you already have in your home?

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